Career Life

Life at Anand Rathi Group Of Companies

World-class exposure, innovation and operational freedom bring the best out of people.

With Anand Rathi, you get the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the finest financial minds in the country. A conducive environment for professional growth can propel your career into a high-progress orbit.

Entrepreneurial orientation &
Family Culture

The Anand Rathi Group is a close-knit family driven by an intense entrepreneurial spirit. Members are encouraged to achieve their optimum potential through the right set of tools. Adequate operational freedom at Anand Rathi ensures rapid development at the individual and organisational level.

Diversity and Inclusion

Established on the modern principles of equality and respect for diversity, the group actively fosters collaboration among employees. A workforce spread across multiple regions is encouraged to maintain an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Growth and Opportunities

Working with the leading financial services provider in India offers unparalleled opportunities. The Anand Rathi Group has been at the forefront of the financial revolution sweeping the country. Be a part of the organisation and become an agent of change.

A laser-sharp focus on the wellbeing of employees is the hallmark of the Anand Rathi Group.