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Open FREE* Trading & Demat Account

Open Free* Trading & Demat Account Online

Thinking of trading in the stock market and confused about the nitty gritty. AnandRathi is here to assist you. From helping you understand the basics to executing out your plans, we make complicated financial things easy and simple. We just don't offer services; we live the trading experience with you.

Don't ask Google how to open a Demat Account, ask us. A demat account is your first step into the trading world. Just like a bank account, this one holds the electronic certificates of all your shares, bonds, government certificates, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. Your demat account number is quoted for reference for all your transactions online in the trading world.

Let's give you a quick detour of the process.

Please fill an account opening form along with the required documents for verification.

Read through the rules and regulations, the terms of the agreement and the charges that will be levied.

An In-Person Verification will be carried out by the DP's staff.

An approval would ensure you receive an account number or client ID. These details are necessary to access your demat account online.

Opening a demat account does not require any balance of shares nor does it require a minimum balance be maintained.

Our Services

Are you looking for a reason to choose us? Here they go.

  • Free Account Opening
  • Quick & Easy Sign-in process
  • Multiple Products as per investment needs
  • In-depth Market Research & Analysis

The entire world of finance is online, why don't you get online too?