You can download the downloads/setups on the given respective options.


Sr. No.  Descriptions Downloads
1 Internet_Client_Setup_3.16.0.4
2 Internet_Client_Setup_3.16.0.4_64bit Download_img
3 Internet_Dealer_Setup_3.16.0.4 Download_img
4 Internet_Dealer_Setup_3.16.0.4_64bit Download_img
5 Dealer_Lanucher_Setup_3.16.0.4 Download_img
6 Dealer_Lanucher_Setup_3.16.0.4_64bit  Download_img
7 NCDEX NEXTRA for Dealers exe Download_img
8 NCDEX NEXTRA for Dealers- PDF  Download_img
9 Offline to Online Conversion Form Download_img
10 Online Trading Activation Agreement Form Download_img
11 Risk Management Policy Download_img
12 Tr@de X'pro Technical Guide Download_img
13 Tr@de Flexi Product Note Download_img
14 Undertaking Tr@de Flexi Download_img
15 Equity,FNO and Currency Activation Form Download_img
16 Account Modification,Dormant Activation,ECN Mandate and Contact details Download_img
17 IPO - IPO Download_img

Account Opening Form


Consent Letter-Commodity


Account Closing Form-CDSL

21 Dematerialisation Request Form Download_img
22 Remat Request Form-CDSL Download_img
23 Trading Account Closure Form Download_img
24 Account Closing Form-NSDL Download_img
25 KYC Form-Individuals Download_img
26 KYC Form-Non-Individuals Download_img
27 Aadhar Updation Form Download_img 
28 Additional Risk Disclosure documents for Options Trading - MCX RDD Download_img 
29 Additional Risk Disclosure documents for Options Trading - NCDEX RDD Download_img 
30 KYC Document Booklet Download_img 
31 Mutual Fund Commission Disclosure Download_img 
32  CSR Policy - Anand Rathi Global Finance Limited Download_img
33 Corporate Governance Guidelines  Download_img
34 Backoffice setup  Download_img