BSE StAR MFD is a web-based transaction processing system that can be accessed “anytime” and “anywhere” and enabled for Lump sum, Minor Transactions, unique X-SIP & Overnight Investments. Settlement of Funds and mutual funds units are directly with client.

  • Clients can purchase/redeem Mutual Funds without having a Demat or Trading Account
  • Purchase/ Redemption of units linked to clients’ bank account
  • Quick client activation and digital documentation
  • A variety of schemes from top Mutual Funds
  • Flexibility to choose mode of payment post order placement
  • Unique Overnight Investments framework which allows client to invest idle money even for a single day
Who can apply for BSE StAR MFD
  • Individuals, HUF and Corporate Body can participate in StAR MFD subject to completing the KYC procedure. In case of a minor, the guardian would have to be KYC compliant.

How to activate for BSE StAR MFD with AnandRathi

Any Client (existing AnandRathi or Non-AnandRathi Client) who wishes to invest through BSE StAR MFD should follow the steps given below:

For Individual Clients

Step 1: Download
Download and print the below given forms and fill them completely.
  • BSE StAR MFD Form. Click Here to download the form.
  • FATCA Declaration. Click Here to download FATCA Declaration
Step 2: Scan
Scan the above given documents along with a cancelled cheque of the same bank account you have mentioned in the BSE StAR MFD Form.

Step 3: Email
Email the duly filled & signed forms along with the cancelled cheque at
Alternately, an individual client can submit the BSE StAR MFD form, FATCA declaration and cancelled cheque to the nearest AnandRathi branch.

Step 4: Account Creation
Once the documents are received and verified at AnandRathi, a username and password will be generated. It will also provide access to AnandRathi’s Portfolio tracker (Kuber).
The transactions done through BSE StAR MFD would be reflected in Portfolio Tracker (Kuber).

For Non-Individual Clients:
Step 1: Download
Download and print the below given forms and fill them completely
Step 2: Submit
Clients should submit their BSE StAR MFD form, FATCA declaration and a cancelled cheque to the nearest AnandRathi branch.

  1. Please ensure that the bank account details to be filled in the form, should be of the same account which is  to be used for Mutual fund transactions. The cancelled cheque should be of the same bank account.
  2. Joint Applicants shall ensure that they are KYC compliant and provide their respective FATCA declaration along with the BSE StAR MFD form.
  3. KYC compliance is mandatory for Purchase/redemption of Mutual Funds**
    a.  If you are KYC compliant, the BSE StAR MFD facility will be activated for you within 2 working days of receiving the required documents.
    b.  If you are not KYC compliant, you need to first submit the KYC form and documents with the nearest AnandRathi branch.
  4. For activating X-SIP (SIP through Client’s bank account), follow the below instructions –
    a. Download and fill the Bank Mandate form. Click here to download the form.
    b. Submit the same at the nearest AnandRathi branch.
    c. The activation for X-SIP might take upto 21 working days after receiving the duly filled Bank Mandate form. 

**KYC Compliance - Instructions
  • To check your KYC compliance, please click on and verify.
  • In case the KYC is not complied with, you need to download the KYC form. Click here to download the form.
  • Fill all the required details and submit the same to the nearest AnandRathi branch along with the relevant documents.