Corporate Advisory

Business risk are factors that may have negative impact on the profitability and success of a company (and could stem from external variables/components that the business may have little control over).

It is imperative for a company to be aligned with the ever evolving and dynamic forex market. And it demands full-fledged and dedicated personnel to monitor this activity and thereby manage the uncertainty which has a potential risk. It simply dilutes the time which other-wise would have been invested in the company's core operations.

Hence, it is advisable to delegate the forex risk management to a team of professionals at AnandRathi group. We assist the Corporates right from drafting forex risk management policy, to setting up benchmark methodology and managing forex risk through hedging strategies. Our primary objective is to provide the companies with all relevant inputs and advice for mitigating the forex risk.

(I) Forex Risk Advisory Variants

(II) Currency Futures and Options

(III) International Fund Syndication

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