Portfolio Management Services

A professional service which is often opted by wealthy investors who want exposure to a variety of asset classes and who understand that investment in the market, requires time, knowledge, and constant monitoring. It also needs strong research and solid experience to make the right decision. It’s imperative, that one needs to hit the right timing of the investment. Investors can opt for discretionary services for the investments to be managed by the portfolio managers or they can go for customized tailor made non-discretionary service as per their investment needs.


The investor gets the following benefits:

  • Professional advice
  • Transparency of investments
  • Securities held in individuals own Demat A/c
  • Online access to monitor Portfolio
  • An Audited Statement useful for tax purposes

PMS Portfolio Plus

Portfolio Plus is a discretionary PMS product managed since October 2011. The details are as given below:

Objective: To deliver consistent returns over the long term portfolio of companies with

  • Good corporate governance and track record
  • Consistency of earnings over the last 3-5 years
  • Earnings visibility with predictable business model

Theme: 15-20 stock portfolios with a prudent mix 50:50 large cap and midcap focusing largely on domestic play, asset light models and high return ratio.

Approach: To have long term portfolio with low churn and low expense keeping in mind clients’ profitability and post tax returns.

Overview of the performance of Portfolio Management

"Portfolio Plus" Discretionary Portfolio Management
Performance as on 
28th Febuary '16
5 Year (CAGR) 3 Year (CAGR) 1 Year 3 months
PMS Portfolio Plus 16.6% 16.1% 29.3% 5.6%
Blended Index* 13.6% 20.8% 34.8% 9.3%
Nifty MidCap 100 10.5% 12.3% 27.1% 8.0%
NIFTY 50 16.4% 28.3% 42.6% 10.6%

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