Trade X'press+

Trade X'press+, an advanced online platform that offers an enhanced trading experience 
This platform is similar to Trade X'press and comprises of the same features, however Trade X'press+ is more upgraded with a better interface.


Aesthetic looks:

The platform is designed to provide a superior interface to the users and ensure an improved user experience. 

Personalised widget selection:

A unique feature of this platform is the widget selection. It enables the user to customise the screen in a desired manner further providing ease in operating. 

Ease in navigation with simple to use options:

Not just looks, but the platform offers ease in access through simple to use options and provides a hassle-free trading experience.

Customised dashboard:

With the help of widgets and other features, the user can easily customise the dashboard and analyse with Market depth view and multiple Market Watch.

Advanced charting tool:

Detailed charts with advanced review tools.

Heat map:

Heat Map helps you analyse the gainers and losers amongst the stocks held in the portfolio.

User friendly menu:

The menu option is quite simple and easy to navigate.

Existing Clients can login using the 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the 'Login' (Top right hand side) and choose 'Trade Online' 
Step 2: Enter your Login credentials on the login page 
Step 3: Click on "Trade X'press+" and get started