Trade X'Pro+

Tr@de X'pro+ is an innovative solution offering 'Tools of the Trade' from Anand Rathi that allows you to use a bouquet of investment services, trading advice, news and trading tools. All this is delivered to you where it matters the most - right inside your trading platform.



Nest Starter Pack

Nest Starter Pack is a free package that offers you Intraday and Historical Charts, Market Monitor – An Alert Tool and Market Scanner – A powerful scanner to shortlist stocks in real-time based on various conditions.

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Options Strategy - Free

Option Strategy delivers advanced option trading strategies. An ultimate tool for you to select the appropriate option strategy based on your market outlook.

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Sim Trade - Free

Simulated trading environment to test out your strategies in cash and FNO.

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Mutual Fund - Free

Comprehensive mutual fund data of schemes across all AMCs and categories.

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Technical Screener - Free

Provides meaningful built-in technical indicators to scan the stocks.


Fundamental data - Free

Get access to company information and financials reported by the company.


Portfolio - Free

Nest plus portfolio is an online portfolio that can be saved on nest plus website. Investor can update their stock holdings and check the performance of the portfolio.


Plus Trading Plugin(Plus API)

Plus Trading Plugin product is an interface that allows you to trade based on signals generated from charting applications like AmiBroker. AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program with advanced charting, back- testing and scanning capabilities. Plus Trading Plugin product seamlessly integrates the charting application with your Nest Trader trading application.

  • Monthly: Rs. 299
  • Quarterly: Rs. 716
  • Semi Annual: Rs. 1313
  • Annual: Rs. 2150