In our view, effective and holistic wealth management is about three critical aspects:


  1. 1.      Generating CONSISTENT & SENSIBLE RETURNS that can beat inflation and create wealth


  1. 2.      Building SAFETY NETS to protect one’s wealth from unforeseen circumstances


  1. 3.      Building an ESTATE PLAN to ensure near-zero transmission loss while transmitting wealth to the next generation


The Three Tenets of Private Wealth Management at AnandRathi:


Fearless Advisory

Our advice is on the basis of what we believe clients need, rather than what they seek, prima facie. We believe that while clients may know what they ‘want’, they may not always know what they ‘need’.

Advisory Backed by Data

Our advice is highly data-driven as we believe that data creates conviction and supports the client in their actions.



We constantly strive to simplify the wealth management process — from strategising to monitoring — so that clients thoroughly understand what is happening with their portfolio.