Services We Provide

  • Financial Strategy Design & Development

Our Financial Strategy Design services employ the building-blocks approach. Piecemeal, we move towards the client’s objective for their wealth. Such an objective can be achieved through several strategies but it is crucial to choose the one that will increase the probability of success. Financial Strategy Design needs to be backed by data, which serves to build conviction for clients to take action. After implementing the chosen strategy, monitoring is equally important. Relevant portfolio reports on a consistent basis help clients take appropriate executive decisions to achieve their objective.

  • Mutual Fund and Analytics

Mutual Funds are considered as one of the best available investment options as they are cost efficient, professionally managed and easy to invest. MF investments are ideal for those who want to grow their wealth over a longer period of time, avail tax benefits and enjoying tax free returns on such long term investments..At AnandRathi, a continuous effort is made to offer consistently superior, independent and unbiased advice to the clients backed by in-depth research.

  • Structured Products and Expertise

A Structured Product ["SP"] is a hybrid investment instrument, which is used to improve the return on a fixed income or an equity instrument while reducing the risk on the product using a derivative instrument as insurance on the downside. The layer of derivatives gives it the flexibility needed to blend with a portfolio and enhance its risk to return performance while matching an investor’s objectives. This is probably the only instrument which requires minimal human intervention during the course of investment post the designing stage.

At Anand Rathi, the tenure of our Structured Products is around 3.5 years with a minimum lock-in of 1 year. There are predominantly two kinds of structured products at AnandRathi Private Wealth Management (ARPWM):

Debt Structured Product: The target return on the product is around 15% p.a. even in a flat market with a possibility of positive returns in negative markets

Equity Structured Product: The target return on the product is around 18-21% p.a. at 4-8% p.a. NIFTY performance.

  • Taxation Advisory

AnandRathi provides tax solutions and advisory relating to investments. Furthermore, design solutions and seek ways to make tax-harvesting opportunities available to our clients.

  • Safety Net and Estate Planning

At AnandRathi, we believe strategic planning and management of your wealth is imperative both during and after your lifetime. Estate Planning helps you achieve this by way of Wills and Trusts. It enables conservation and management of your wealth. We devise bespoke solutions keeping in mind your objectives for your loved ones.

Safety Net and Estate Planning solutions may be utilized to:

  1. ‘Ring-Fence’ your personal assets against liabilities by creating a safety-net for your loved ones
  2. Facilitate transition of your wealth to the next generation with ‘zero-transmission loss’
  3. Enable harmonious business continuity for generations 
  4. Ensure prudent management of wealth for the next generation even beyond your lifetime
  5. Maintain family harmony and peace of mind
  • Insurance Audit

This involves working on life insurance policies of HNI clients and their family members, purchased at different points in time with different terms and conditions. These policies are usually considered from two perspectives i.e. Life Cover and Returns Generated. A thorough audit is performed on these two parameters and policies are analysed to gauge if they are providing sufficient life cover at current costs (premium) or whether cost savings are possible in any manner. The audit is also performed to check if returns generated from these policies are sufficient from an IRR (internal rate of return) perspective and if there is a possibility to generate more returns within remaining policy term in different ways without compromising on one’s current level of Life Cover.

  • Asset Class and Product Views

A professional service which is often opted by wealthy investors who want exposure to a variety of asset classes and who understand that investment in the market requires time, knowledge, and constant monitoring. It also needs strong research and solid experience to make the right decision. It’s imperative, that one needs to hit the right timing of the investment. That’s where our exclusive advisory on Asset Class and Product Views can help our HNI & UHNI clients.

  • Direct Equity Decision Support System (DESS)

DESS is a value-added service that seeks to integrate with the organisational goal of long-term wealth creation for investors. It is largely a look through or an insight of the direct equity portfolio held by an investor by tracking the performance and the risks parameters of that portfolio and comparing it to that of a broader benchmark and AR Recommended MF Basket. The analysis helps arrive at a product mix that increases the probability of achieving the overall financial objective of an investor.